AAMBC “I AM CREATIVE Grant” Winner Announced

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William F. Spivey Awarded The AAMBC “I Am Creative” Grant

Atlanta, Georgia – [May 28, 2024] – The African American on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) is thrilled to announce that William F. Spivey, an accomplished author and passionate advocate for equality, has been awarded the prestigious AAMBC “I Am Creative” Grant. This grant recognizes outstanding writers who demonstrate creativity, dedication, and the potential to make a significant impact through their work.

William F. Spivey is known for his profound insights and eloquent writing on politics, history, race, and education. His contributions to the literary world include a chapter in “Fieldnotes On Allyship: Achieving Equality Together,” as well as his own books, “Estranged Americans: Fallacies of Freedom, Citizenship and Racism,” and “Strong Beginnings.” Spivey’s work is characterized by a powerful blend of humility and confidence, quiet introspection, and outspoken advocacy.

Raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently residing in Palm Coast, Florida, Spivey’s journey as a writer began during his time at Fisk University. There, he was influenced by the rich intellectual legacy of his instructors, including renowned figures such as Aaron Douglas, W.E.B. DuBois, James Weldon Johnson, Arna Bontemps, and L.M. Collins. It was under Dr. Collins’s mentorship that Spivey first realized his talent, winning a university-wide essay contest that sparked his enduring passion for writing.

Spivey has since dedicated himself to using his pen to educate and inspire. He credits his editors for refining his voice, helping him articulate his thoughts with clarity and precision. Spivey writes not just to share his opinions, but to challenge misconceptions and promote understanding on issues that matter deeply to him.

The AAMBC “I Am Creative” Grant will provide Spivey with $500, one-on-one expert guidance, and a membership in the AAMBC community. These resources will support him as he continues to explore and expand his creative horizons. Additionally, he will be considered for a $500 year-end grant, further recognizing his potential to make a lasting impact.

William F. Spivey’s work exemplifies the spirit of the AAMBC “I Am Creative” Grant, which aims to uplift and empower writers who are making a difference with their words. His dedication to writing and his commitment to addressing important social issues make him a deserving recipient of this award.

Applications for the AAMBC “I Am Creative” Grant will open again next year, offering another opportunity for aspiring writers to receive financial support, expert guidance, and community backing to achieve their creative dreams.

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