Get to know the team members that are the foundation of AAMBC


Tamika Newhouse

From teen mom to CEO by the age of twenty, Tamika Newhouse, the author of 16 novels, has landed on numerous best sellers’ lists and is the winner of 8 African American Literary Awards. Only nine months after debuting her first novel in 2009, she landed a major publishing contract without an agent and became the CEO of Delphine Publications. She has published nearly 200 titles, launched the careers of hundreds of writers, and produced the only entertainment award show for African American writers, called the AAMBC Literary Awards.
Chelsea Martin

Jaemii Amor

Born on a very snowy spring day in Alexandria, VA, Jaemii was always fascinated with exploring the world with a creative mindset. Her love of the arts emerged at the age of five and grew through her school years where she experimented with a multitude of artistic mediums, with digital media being her favorite. She attended college in the Midwest for two years and returned to explore the world of retail, where she became the youngest multi-unit manager at her company. Yearning to use her creativity to inspire others, Jaemii made the decision to become a screenwriter with the goal of producing Sci-Fi and Fantasy narratives from a Black perspective and expanding the idea of what means to be Black.

Chanel R. Smith

Web/Graphic Designer
Known as Chanel Renee on the socials and founder of WPD Media, Chanel is a self-taught web developer who later went on to get a degree in web design and marketing. Coding caught her attention in 1998 while initially navigating the web trying to make money as a SAHM. "In 2004, Chanel was already proficient in coding and graphics. Those skills, combined with her knowledge of Photoshop, were a game-changer. She then began to craft beautiful and impactful websites for her clients. Her goal encompasses the company's slogan "Creatively Designing Your Web Presence," which allows her to continue to pursue her love of creating beauty for the web and bringing visual branding to life.

Aiyla Williamson

Community Manager/Literary Analysts
Aiyla W. is Delphine Legacy Media's lead literary analytics expert. With a cradle-to-grave approach, she has cemented herself as an expert in ghostwriting, developmental editing, literary consulting, and book launches. In 2019, every project Aiyla had her hands on debuted in the top ten on Amazon, with one project remaining at the number one spot for three weeks. With extensive knowledge of e-book realtor algorithms, Aiyla has become a sought-out expert for digital publishing.

Sandra Nnaji

Brand Ambassador
Sandra, the founder of Just1PR, LLC, is a unique, one-of-a-kind, creative, straight-to-the-point, accredited, certified Public Relations specialist. A Nigerian native-born into a family full of Business moguls and entertainers, Sandra has always had a passion for the entertainment field. She has acquired extensive knowledge with many years in the Entertainment Industry where she's worked for various companies and has held many positions such as Artist Manager, Marketing Manager, Promotions Manager, On-Air Radio Personality, and Public Relations. But with a passion for Public Relations and Marketing, Sandra established an Independent Entertainment & Lifestyle Public Relations agency called Just1PR so she can continue to service and continue growing her client base. This is the third year Sandra has been working with AAMBC, which has practically become a family to her, and she is looking forward to working on future projects. Social media handle @Just1PR on all platforms.

Tawonda Smith

Prodcuction Lead
Belle Heiress began her vision for Belle of All Things after becoming burned out in the medical field. No longer wanting to feel boxed in, she quit her job in November of 2019 and put her trust in God. With creative writing skills gained over the years of experience since her youth, Tawonda was able to solidify jobs as a blog writer and a script writer's assistant. Along her journey of reaching new career heights, she managed to land experience in video and audio engineering, which eventually led to the launch of her business. Belle of All Things is a one-stop shop for creatives that will help them write out their ideas. Whether it is a book, script, or short film, Tawonda's mission is to help others bring their vision to life and influence other creatives to take risks and follow their dreams.

Sheri Simmons

Project Manager
Sheri Simmons is an Author, Ghostwriter, and Transformation Coach from New York City. She started writing at the age of twelve as an outlet for depression. In March 2012, her first book, Tales of the Broken Hearted, was published. Since then, she has penned several titles, including her memoir, You Know My Name Not My Story. Since 2012 she has added ghostwriter and self-publishing consultant to her resume. Sheri is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her purpose is to educate, inspire, lead, uplift, and motivate people. She is very fortunate to do so in the career paths she has chosen. Sheri always strives to work hard and be the best version of herself. Pursuing her passion has inspired Sheri to help others do the same.
Lisha Official

Shalisha Bynoe

Bynoe continues to grow as a writer, teacher, and filmmaker. She possesses numerous collaborations with an array of individuals from directors, photographers, makeup artists, non-profit organizations, and theatrical companies. Bynoe is a two time graduate of Full Sail University. She has received her Bachelor's Degree in Filmmaking and an MFA in Creative Writing.

Marckus Newhouse

Personal Assistant Intern
At 13 years old, Marckus Newhouse Jr. is the youngest employee for AAMBC Inc. Since he was little, he has always helped with the company and now has his chance to show himself to the world for the first time. His love for video games and reading has inspired him to one day become a video game designer and a writer. He's written multiple drafts of books, helped with AAMBC Inc. direct sales, and now he's ready to start his real journey into the real world.

Reginald A. Harris

Graphic Design Lead
Reginald A. Harris is a gamer and foodie passionate about branding design. While attending Campbell University, he worked as a freelance graphic designer, sports graphic designer, and photographer. After graduating in 2020, Reginald launched RHStudios, where he continues freelancing. He is now working with AAMBC as a graphic designer, specializing in social media graphics, stationery, and website graphics.

LaShondra Davis

Content Writer/Transcriber
Lashondra C. Davis is the true definition of kindness, love, and integrity. Davis was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, a city that allows the exploration of your dreams to flourish! With the knowledge, expertise, and experience, LaShondra currently is the Executive Accountability Pal to CEOs within the Atlanta metropolitan area. Reflecting as that passionate and determined professional, LaShondra has begun pursuing her passion by being her authentic self and applying all of her experiences as a creative content writer.

Lele Bell

Lele is a driven, intellectual, and motivated independent horror filmmaker. She's a Chicago native working with other aspiring filmmakers from Chicago on independent projects. She's worn several hats on set, from playing an extra on Chicago- based television shows to directing her short horror film. Co-directed a short drama film and co-writing Christian plays, Lele is adaptable to whatever projects come her way. She works with special effects makeup as well as prop work on set. She is a hands-on creative who never turns away a new opportunity or challenge. "There's ALWAYS an opportunity for optimism.