GET SCENE <<< Have something to say about yourself? Take us into your world as a creative with our virtual reading sessions where you're featured in our IG TV Series.

We understand that a New Normal is here and since the outbreak of COVID-19 so many creatives are finding new ways to expose their books. AAMBC is offering additional ways to get your book in front of our audience.

Participate in our new IG TV Series “Voices Behind Lit” that will premiere this Summer. The only thing you must do is submit your application today and our team will review for approval. If accepted, you will be provided with the next steps on how to be featured in our next episode. And it cost nothing to you!

Start the application today to get started for this promotion.

Why is AAMBC’s Voices Behind Lit for you?


If we know anything about Marketing ourselves, we know and understand the networking is one of the most important ways to do just that. But this time, instead of getting all dressed up and going to an event let the networking come to you. By combining the anticipation from your audience with the anticipation from ours, it is the best party anyone could have ever asked for!



Exposure is expensive, billboards are expensive, promotion is expensive. Why not cut everyone else out and do it yourself. Take control of what you want to showcase, and show your audience exactly what YOU want them to see. All you have to do is record yourself and we'll take over from there.



If you are a poppin’ writer in your city and you are looking to reach other cities, states and potentially countries this is just the thing you have been looking for. With our over 13k interactive followers over two platforms, you can be featured at no cost to you. Give a front-row seat to your awesome bookand let others see just how amazing it would be to get to know you! The easiest way to network without having to pay for an expensive plane ticket.



Want to have a conversations around your book? Want to build authentic connections? Use our IG TV series as an excuse to build friendships and really learn your audience, while allowing them to get to know you.


Show it All 

What are  working on? Or are you working on multiple things at once? Use this platform to brag on yourself and showcase just how hard you’ve been working. You deserve to be seen and this is your opportunity to be acknowledged for being a hardworking individual, and for killing it in what you do.

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Click or drag a file to this area to upload.