AAMBC Inc.'s mission is to uplift and amplify the voices of African American authors by promoting their literature, increasing representation, providing support and resources, building a strong literary community, advocating for education and literacy, fostering collaborations, recognizing achievements, and advocating for equal opportunities within the publishing industry.


Myrna B. Gale


Myrna B. Gale is a published author and has served in the legal environment for over  three decades. She has utilized her research  expertise to assist many individuals in their efforts to work through the complex and  often confusing legal system. After retiring from the corporate legal profession, Ms. Gale became an investor and entrepreneur. As an executive and board member of Lil Traveler’s Inc., she was successful in  launching an airport concession for children in Orlando International Airport in Florida.
She now serves as the Founder and CEO for 3G Publishing, Inc. a specialty boutique publishing house with its main headquarters located in Georgia. Ms. Gale’s love for children inspired her to launch the publishing company that initially commenced with a focus on children in 2009, now serving individuals of all ages.
In 2012, Ms. Gale developed a Creative Writing Program, that currently is used
by schools in the Gwinnett County area, and Atlanta Park & Recreational Afterschool
programs. Ms. Gale is currently holding a patent in the paper product industry, and shares her knowledge and experience with individuals seeking help in getting their products patented. A woman of impressive talents, Ms. Gale continually seeks to find ways to help those struggling in her  community and throughout the country, by strengthening them through their writing and entrepreneurial desires.


Jina DuVernay

Librarian and Literary Enthusiast

Jina DuVernay is a librarian and cultural consultant. She has published several professional articles and book chapters and is a freelance writer for Sisters from AARP newsletter. DuVernay has participated in the Hurston/Wright Foundation and instructed writing courses for a midnight & indigo literary journal and Permission to Write. Her creative writing has appeared in Kweli Journal.


Zachary Steele

Festival Owner and Community Leader

Broadleaf Writers Association Founder & Executive Director Zachary Steele is the author of four novels, including The Weight of Ashes, nominated for Georgia Author of the Year in 2021, and Perfectly Normal (July 2023). He has been featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Publisher’s Weekly, Writer’s Magazine, Shelf Awareness and City Lights with Lois Reitzes on NPR. Currently, he is hard at work on The Fallen Hero, the first in a series of fantasy novels.


Tenesha L. Curtis

Literary Enthusiast

Tenesha L. Curtis has been a lover of the dark, disturbing, and deviant since childhood. In her kindergarten and elementary school years, her favorite movies included classics like "Child's Play," "Problem Child," "Candyman," and "Adventures in Babysitting." As she learned to read, she finally broke away from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys (at the behest of a middle school teacher) and delved into reading literature from artists like Toni Morrison, Edgar Allan Poe, Patricia Cornwell, Mildred D. Taylor, Alvin Schwartz, Ayn Rand, and Maya Angelou. Her fascination with the human psyche led her to earning a master's degree in addictions psychotherapy and working in the mental health world for over a decade. She uses this training and experience to influence straightforward books on writing made especially for newbie authors, and thrilling works of fiction in various genres. Connect with her at ReadTenesha.com.


Sandra Nnaji


Sandra is an award-winning Publicist and founder of Just1PR LLC, an Independent Entertainment & Lifestyle Public Relations agency. Sandra is also the creator of Generation
DMV, INC. a nonprofit organization that focuses on Men and Mental Health in the Black Community. Sandra is one of the most sort after public relations specialist in the Washington,
DC metro area, a game changer, a leader and an innovator.


Walter Gainer II

Podcast and Media Producer

Walter Gainer II is a digital marketing strategist and podcast producer who develops communities and teaches brands and executives how to scale content and reach their ideal audience. Early on in his career, Walter started a podcast called Boss Locks, a show dedicated to aspiring Black professionals facing challenges in the workplace due to their hairstyle or skin color. Motivated by his struggles and determination to make a difference, Walter sought to empower others who felt like they didn't fit in.
Recognizing his passion for storytelling content centered around the Black community, he pivoted from the e-commerce industry to dive deep into podcast production. His talent quickly caught the attention of major corporations, leading him to produce podcasts for large corporations and even was invited to join the team that launched a podcast network for one of the largest Black-owned media companies in the U.S.
And if that wasn't enough, another milestone was formed in Walter's career as he officially joined the ranks of LinkedIn Creators. Hosting and producing a dynamic live talk show featuring influential Black leaders, Walter delved into their unique experiences of Working While Black, sparking conversations that had people listening intently.
Based in Atlanta, this talented content creator brings a magnetic warmth to every project he undertakes. Leaving a lasting impression on both individuals and brands alike.


January D. Curry

Casting Director & Film Producer

Born in Cincinnati Ohio, January D Curry caught the entertainment bug at a very young age. Starting in theater at the tender age of 9, she moved on to land national commercials and small roles in major
theatrical releases. By the time she was 12 she developed a love for music and began to use her vocal abilities to her advantage. January has opened up for major recording artists, given the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for the Cincinnati Reds, sang with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and worked with Grammy nominated and awarded Producers. In 2003 January moved to Atlanta GA, which she now calls home. Sticking true to her acting roots, however jumping behind the camera January used her experience and vision to dive into writing, producing, and casting. She is  credited as casting on numerous theatrical releases, such as Creed, Almost Christmas and Till. TV series, such as The First Wives Club and Johnson along with numerous
music videos, commercials, and major network projects are among her long list of casting credits for both principal and background casting. Her production credits range from the renowned TV series Terror
Lake Drive to several high performing Tubi & Amazon Prime films.


Aiyla Williamson

Publisher and Content Producer

Aiyla W. is Delphine Legacy Media’s lead literary analytics expert. With a cradle-to-grave approach, she has cemented herself as an expert in ghostwriting, developmental editing, literary consulting, and book launches. In 2019, every project Aiyla had her hands on debuted in the top ten on Amazon, with one project remaining at the number one spot for three weeks. With extensive knowledge of e-book realtor algorithms, Aiyla has become a sought-out expert for digital publishing.