Check out the latest news and events from the organizations of AAMBC.


Black Writer’s Weekend August 1-4, 2024

Black Writer’s Weekend is the largest community-driven festival for Black creatives and filmmakers. This event is dedicated to celebrating and honoring Black literary creatives in publishing and film. This year, the festival will feature three events in one weekend: Cre8tiveCon, Lit Crawl, and the AAMBC Literary Awards.

Lit House @ Rooftop Cinema Oct 7, 2023

"Lit House: Amplifying Black Voices and Art" is a unique event offering various artist-led panels, paint parties, and a block party.  Lit House is committed to celebrating and providing visibility to Black creatives.


Ebony of Arts March 23, 2024

Ebony of Arts is a photo exhibition that showcases the brilliant works of our honorees and their impacts. From stunning photographs to thought-provoking pieces, this exhibition truly brings their creativity to life. This national event provides space for artists, musicians, dancers, and writers to showcase their work and/or perform for a live audience.

Cre8tiveCon (LA-April | New York City October | ATL-August)

Cre8tiveCon is an initiative to provide opportunities to upcoming Black writers and filmmakers. Cre8tive Con introduces writers to publishers and educators, providing them with networking incentives. It is an authentic, affirming virtual event.


The AAMBC Awards August 4, 2024

The AAMBC Literary Awards is an entertainment awards show for the recognition of talented and influential Black creatives. Incorporating mainstream media with books, this event pioneers a new way to experience awards shows while granting visibility and opportunity to Black writers.

Throughout this 4-day extravaganza, participants are enthused by various panels, workshops, meet and greets, parties, movie screenings, as well as a formal awards gala.