We value inclusivity, diversity, and the promotion of Black literature, authors, and culture, fostering a supportive community and platform for their voices to be heard and celebrated.


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The AAMBC journey commenced as a virtual book club on Myspace in 2008 when Tamika Newhouse felt the urge to forge connections with new friends through a shared passion for books. Utilizing Myspace as a convenient platform, she began sharing her favorite books and engaging in discussions, capturing the interest of numerous Black authors eager to have their works featured. Recognizing the opportunity, Tamika pivoted towards spotlighting independent and emerging writers, leading to the rapid growth of AAMBC, with physical book club chapters sprouting across the nation. In a pivotal moment in 2010, AAMBC organized its inaugural in-person event, The AAMBC National Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

The overwhelmingly positive and tangible energy emanating from this event served as a clear indication that Tamika's journey with AAMBC was only just unfolding.


Through surveying the event attendees and our extensive network of over 15,000 Creatives affiliated with AAMBC, we discovered the strong need and desire to continue this space dedicated to literary arts and Black storytellers within the African American population.

The Vision of AAMBC

Lit Diaries Vision

The forward vision for AAMBC involves constructing a vibrant online community enriched with workshops, valuable resources, live and recorded masterclasses, and engaging artists' talks. There's a commitment to extending the reach of its literary festival, Black Writers Weekend, hosted every first weekend in August. Additionally, AAMBC aims to establish libraries for underfunded communities, contributing to greater access to literature and knowledge.

The Vision of AAMBC

Why is Lit Diaries Needed


AAMBC, stands as a vital necessity in today's society by serving as a dynamic platform that fosters literary connection, celebrates diverse voices, and empowers aspiring writers. In an era marked by the ever-growing need for authentic representation and inclusivity, AAMBC plays a crucial role in amplifying the voices of Black authors and independent writers. The organization not only cultivates a sense of community through its online forums, workshops, and events but also addresses the need for increased access to literature in underfunded communities through its commitment to building libraries. In a world that thrives on diversity and cultural richness, AAMBC emerges as a beacon, promoting the importance of storytelling, fostering dialogue, and contributing to the broader cultural tapestry of our society.

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Together, our impact can be powerful!

Creatives of all levels will be provided with the platform and community they need to learn, connect, and grow! In addition to preserving careers and passions for our fellow artists, our physical expansion creates jobs and opportunities that stimulate the local economy and education system, launching a cycle of increased upward mobility for our community.

In order to make our dream of AAMBC a impact for our community, we need YOU.

Many of you have been on this journey since its conception, and we couldn't have made it this far without you. With your contribution through this campaign, we can continue our journey of promoting literary activism.

Every contribution matters and gets us one step closer to our goal!

Every Contribution Matters

We mean it when we say that every contribution matters, and we'll prove it! Check out the perks of your investment below:

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meet the founder

Tamika Newhouse
From teen mom to CEO, Ms. Tamika Newhouse began her literary artistry at the age of twenty. Since then, she's authored over 16 novels, has landed on numerous bestsellers' lists and is the winner of 8 African American Literary Awards. Her original series, Traces of Mika, is a society and culture podcast that features unscripted conversations with Tamika, her friends and family, and celebrity writers. The podcast was featured on the popular streaming platform, Pandora, as a top pick for listeners. Currently, Tamika is creating new stories that dig into motherhood, sexuality, and self-love while raising her children in Atlanta. The various ways Tamika has navigated the creative arts space are a reflection of her spirit of tenacity, hard work, and capacity to dream and achieve her accomplishments. Among her literary efforts AAMBC is one of many offerings she has launched to promote the literary arts.

we are grateful

We're sincerely grateful to all of you who choose to invest emotionally, financially, and physically in the efforts of  AAMBC and our dreams! Join us in our journey and contribute today. Thank you!

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