In Conversation with Sheri Simmons on January 11th on Youtube

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You Know My Name Not My Story Synopsis People tell me how strong I am. I did not believe them until a couple of years ago. It took me a long time to see the strength deep down inside of me. Many of the events in my life have broken me and killed my spirits. … Read more

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Literary Truths | Webinar on discovering your Creative journey

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Join Phoenix Williams and Tamika Newhouse for a one of kind, free webinar on some literary truths.  From ghostwriting to mentoring, these two bestselling, award-winning authors will break down the pros, cons, and answer any and all questions about the industry that they’ve dedicated almost two decades to. Click the link below to set a … Read more

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In Conversation with Derek L. Jackson on Sept 23rd on Youtube

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Don’t Get Married!  Unless… Synopsis I truly believe you should not get married.  Yes don’t get married unless you are prepared to put in the work to have a successful, sustainable marriage.   Are you planning to get married and need an idea of what marriage is about?  I have found that most couples don’t go … Read more

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The Ink in Conversation with Julia Royston

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Three women, Jillian, Vernice and Erma are connected by Faith, God and Service.  Jillian and Vernice are best friends and have been since the Sunshine Choir at age 5.  Erma is each of their mother’s best friend and over time, has become their second mother.  In each of their hearts, there is a similar desire … Read more

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