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Three women, Jillian, Vernice and Erma are connected by Faith, God and Service.  Jillian and Vernice are best friends and have been since the Sunshine Choir at age 5.  Erma is each of their mother’s best friend and over time, has become their second mother.  In each of their hearts, there is a similar desire to receive the love from someone that they themselves so desperately want to give. 

  • Excerpt

Jillian waited a few minutes more while her friend worked with her phone to get all three women on the call. 


“Yes, I’m here.”

“Sister Jamison?

“Yes, I’m here too,” Sister Erma answered.

“I did it!  I just can’t believe it.  Jillian knows that I can be technology challenged with my phone and have cut people off and didn’t mean to.” All three women laughed.

“How is everything in Houston, Sister Jamison?” asked Jillian.

“Chile’ the same ole, same ole.  God is still good, the devil is still a liar and people are still crazy,” said Sister Jamison with a laugh. 

Jillian and Vernice both chimed in with, “I know that’s right.”

“One thing for sure, things are the same everywhere then.  I was telling Vernice that we had a team meeting tonight and had some additional logistical questions.  Pamela is going to email the questions to Vernice and look for a response later this week,” said Jillian. 

“You know Jillian, I have been doing these conferences for 35 years and know where I am best suited.  My expertise is on the phone prior to the conference and on the ground during the conference.  You young ladies will have to handle the technology and let me know what I need to do.  I will await a call from Vernice for any details that I need to move forward on my end,” said Sis. Jamison.

“If only more people were like you Sis. Erma.  People need to be doing what they should be doing and the world would be a much better place,” added Jillian. 

“Chile’ you have said a mouthful right there,” added Sister Jamison.

“Listen, I’m getting sleepy, I have to ask Sister Erma, how are your children and grandchildren doing?”

“Jillian, physically they are great and doing well.  Pray for me and them, is all I can say.  Emotionally and spiritually they get so easily off target and make me work so hard encouraging and praying them through.  I want them to grow all of the way up and be all that God called them to be,” Sister Erma said.

“That’s what I would want for my child,” inserted Vernice.

“Don’t let Sister Jamison fool you Vernice, she has spoiled her children rotten,” Jillian stated.

“No, let’s not say spoiled Jillian, just well taken care of,” Sister Erma added.

“Okay, I’ll let you have that Sister Jamison. 

“Well, being a widow so young and raising them by myself didn’t help matters none.  I put all of my energies into three things, God, my children and then work,” said Sister Jamison.

“Okay Sis Jamison, your children are grown and you have grandchildren now.  Would you marry again if a man asked you?”  Jillian asked putting her on the spot.

“Chile’, I am too old, need some teeth and don’t no man want no old woman who needs some new teeth.”  The ladies laughed on the phone at the thought.

“You can buy some teeth and there are some cute old widowed men with good pensions who need some TLC out there,” said Jillian.

“Chile’, go on we have gotten way off the subject.  I am going to be your second mother right now and say it is past your bed time,” said Sister Jamison.

“You say that because I am all up in your business,” said Jillian.

“All up in my Kool-Aid and what is the flavor?” asked Sis. Jamison

“Grape,” said Vernice.

“You girls can stay up all night talking.  This old lady got to get some shut eye.  Let’s have a word of prayer before we go.”

“That’s great,” said Jillian.

“Yes Ma’am,” said Vernice.

“Father, we thank you for one more day.  We thank you for these two young women who are working in your kingdom.  God, continue to bless and protect them as they go about their daily lives, on their jobs and as they travel from day to day.  Give them wisdom and knowledge in their every endeavor.  Bless them with all provision, good husbands and families.  Bless this conference.  We bless you forever.  In Jesus’ name I pray and for your sake alone.  Amen.  Love you girls, goodnight,” Sister Erma said sweetly.

“Love you Sis. Jamison,” said Vernice.

“Talk with you Sis. Jamison and love you too,” said Jillian.

“Good night,” said Sis. Jamison

Julia Royston spends her days doing what she loves, writing, publishing, speaking and coaching others to tell, introduce and create businesses surrounding their messages to the world.  That is her “Why.”  Her companies, BK Royston Publishing LLC, Julia Royston Enterprises, Royal Media and Publishing and Royston Book Fairs are the conduits that support all of her client’s endeavors.  To date, Julia has written 60 books, recorded 3 music CDs and Coached more than 200 to write and publish books as well as establish their own businesses.  She is the Host of the “Live Your Best Life” each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. EST on and now syndicated on  To contact and connect with Julia, visit


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