In Conversation with Derek L. Jackson on Sept 23rd on Youtube

Don’t Get Married!  Unless…


I truly believe you should not get married.  Yes don’t get married unless you are prepared to put in the work to have a successful, sustainable marriage.   Are you planning to get married and need an idea of what marriage is about?  I have found that most couples don’t go through premarital counseling before marriage.  It is important to know what the Creator has to say about marriage before bringing worldly baggage into a marriage.  Marriage must be taken seriously.  You aren’t  allowed to drive a car unless you take classes and pass a test. You shouldn’t be allowed to marry without first taking premarital counseling either.

 There are several people that get divorced and cite irreconcilable differences.  If marriage is supposed to represent Christ and the church, then there is nothing that can’t be reconciled.  This book aims to give you the tools needed for a successful marriage centered in Christ.  You will learn the importance of communication, sex and finances and much more.  This book is for the one who is serious about getting married and staying married.  Don’t get married unless you are prepared to stay married.  If you are prepared to stay married, why wouldn’t you want to gain the tools to stay married?

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